mastercam manufacturing engineer

Position: mastercam manufacturing engineer
Job Location: Charleston sc
Salary: 60s
How to Apply: Send your resume to:

we are currently looking for someone to do CAD/CAM primarily for a 2-axis lathe. A lot of time will be initially spent converting our current system over to MasterCAM. The role will also be responsible for some database management, data analysis, miscellaneous CAD work for the mill, and will eventually evolve into learning how to do pass design. Ideally, the candidate will have an engineering degree, preferably in mechanical engineering to serve as a base for learning pass design
The position we’re looking to fill is more of a programmer/engineer. Ideally the candidate would have a mechanical/manufacturing engineering degree and already possesses the ability to do CAD/CAM and program a 2-axis lathe.

A degree is definitely preferred the way that we envision the position, but not absolutely necessary. MasterCam isn’t a requirement as long as they have experience with some sort of CAD/CAM. Initially programming will make up the majority of their duties, but once things settle down they will work more with database management kinds of things and learning how to do pass design.