MFG engineer with mastercam

Position: MFG engineer with mastercam
Job Location: central NC
Salary: 70s
How to Apply: Send your resume to:

MFG engineer/ programmer $70s

Supports the organization's mission, vision, and values by exhibiting the following behaviors:
 Competence and commitment to excellence.
 Teamwork - building strong, long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers (internal and external).
 Integrity - commitment to and acting with high ethical standards.
 Respect - demonstration of esteem, concern, and courtesy towards fellow employees
 Compliance within required standards.
 Continuous improvement - sustaining an environment that fosters the elimination of waste and variation in process.
 Commitment to our community.
 Accountability and ownership - taking responsibility for one's actions and an active role in career development.
Employees are also expected to perform job responsibilities in compliance with all operating policies and procedures, while focusing on teamwork and communication, to contribute to the Company's quality objectives:
*Customer On-time Delivery
*Superior Customer Quality Rating
*Reduced Cost of Poor Quality
*Increased Return on Capital
Position Summary:
Program, operate, and maintain the set-ups of conventional and CNC machines and tools. Perform a variety of machining operations and modify / write CNC programs when required. Responsible for providing [U][/U][B][/B][COLOR="#0000CD"]MasterCam[/COLOR] programming and machining support for Emergent Operations processes.
Position Responsibilities:
 Set-up, operate machines to meet all process and drawing specifications.
 Select proper tooling, fixtures and gages per process and tooling sheets.
 Inspect parts to process sheets and model specifications
 Write and prove out CNC programs when required (G-Code).
 Troubleshoot and diagnose processes to eliminate variability.
 Perform minor repairs of equipment. Assist maintenance personnel when required.
 Provide support for shop floor production
 Keep work area clean and free from safety hazards.
 Maintain an acceptable quality and efficiency level.
 Perform other duties as required.

Essential Skills and Experience (Competencies):
 [COLOR="#0000CD"]Extensive knowledge of MasterCam programs[/COLOR]
 Understanding GD&T and its application to part inspection.
 Ability to set-up and operate assigned machine tools.
 Ability to interpret/inspect parts to blueprint, process sheets and Model specifications.
 Ability to troubleshoot processes
 Ability to train / assist other operators
 Ability to write and prove out CNC programs (G Code)
 CPO (Certified Process Owner) certification attained and maintained.
 Decision Making, Problem Solving Skills to include:
o Performs with minimal supervision.
o Seeks solutions to resolve unexpected problems.
 Technical Competence to include:
o Applies essential skills in performance of job responsibilities.
o Produces required volume of work.
o Meets required schedules.
 Commitment to excellence, customer focus, and producing quality work to include:
o Performs job responsibilities in an accurate and complete manner.
o Complies with all applicable quality standards.
o Attention to detail.
o Produces high quality work.
Minimum Education requirements:
 Associates in Science degree preferred; high school diploma with equivalent experience acceptable.
 Technical machine shop classes or equivalent machine shop experience relevant to position responsibilities.