mold designer

Position: mold designer
Job Location: charlotte
Salary: 85k
How to Apply: Send your resume to:

New position for senior mold designer with company that makes very unique products. Candidate must have experience with 3d modeling

Be responsible for creating 3D surface or solid models of via reverse engineering, and subsequent mold design and extrusion dies; programming CNC machining centers 3-5 axis and wire EDM equipment to facilitate mold construction.

•Study sample products or drawings to determine design approach, tolerances, sequence of operations, material and programming requirements.
•Select or design holding fixture, cutting tools, attachments, and materials.
•Calculate and set parameters to regulate machining factors such as speed, feed, coolant flow, depth, and angle of cut, and program commands to input and edit CNC medial
•Provide time estimates against which output is compared
•Determine and solve G code programming issues
•Provide time estimates against which output is compared

Desired Skills and Abilities
•Demonstrated working knowledge of mold design, reverse engineering, CNC programming
•Proven ability to work with and understand higher end Cad/Cam systems
•Experienced class “A” surface/solid modeler
•Ability to effectively collaborate with machinist and mold operators (end-users)
•BS in Mechanical Engineering a plus

resume PLEASE include details about yourself .
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