MFG engineer / production planning

Position: MFG engineer / production planning
Job Location: tampa
Salary: 60-76k
How to Apply: Send your resume to:

"I need more of an industrial engineer with all around skills. See other comments below in red.

Is programming a must? It would be very helpful, not a must
Whats software? Programming done in NX Cam, production planning done in our ERP system (it's called "M3" nobody will know what that is)
UGNX? Thats what we use for the CAD and CAM platform
Whats %% of time wil they program? 25-30%
Programmer without the planning etc is no go right? Definitely need the planning
You need MFG eng who can program? Yes

I am looking for someone with more production planning / scheduling experience who can also work on CAD/CAM for programming and production prep documentation.